Who we are

Whether you’re new to contracting or you’re a seasoned pro, you can depend on Remedy Umbrella for expert support.

We’re here to help you

With more than thirty years of experience in payroll and accounting, working with contractors from a wide variety of sectors, you can depend on the team here at Remedy Umbrella.

We believe in offering a straightforward and hassle-free service to clients, regardless of how much you earn, and we’ll always aim to provide a fair, honest, and transparent approach, delivering bespoke services to manage your every need and expectation.

We not only provide professional support and advice before you join us, but we’re there to help you as you grow, whatever challenges come your way. And we’re always available as a payroll solution for when you start to build your own team and brand.

Years in the Business

We’ve dealt with every challenge in our thirty years, whether that’s in payroll, tax, or changing legislation.

Happy Contractors

More than 500 contractors from a wide range of sectors depend on us to be paid weekly, without hassle.

Agency PSLs

We help organisations stay compliant, financially robust, and employ a truly flexible workforce.